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Guy Laliberté accused Full Tilt of scamming!
The Canadian business man and fan of poker real money Guy Laliberté is now part of the circle of players who have lost large sum of money in online High Stakes games. According to reliable information, the “Cirque du Soleil” s founder losses are estimated at $ 2 million. In an interview with the “Journal de Montréal”, Laliberté said he was scammed. He bluntly accused the “pre-black-Friday” Full Tilt room. He affirmed that he was scammed by no other but his dear friends he fully trusted at that time.

He added that his friends played with the online casino site money instead of real money for that purpose. The old poker fan now recognized that he had been done like a novice. The amount of money his opponents had used in that online poker tournament was extremely important. That reportedly helped make the game extremely large and aggressive, so very volatile with loads of prizes and “all-in”.
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Monday, 30 June 2014
Ways to rank poker hands
Poker hands are not used in the game of poker only but in many other card games played online. With ranking, players get to know the strong and weak hands as they choose what to bet with. You will have many options at hand for consideration when ranking hands for online games. Make sure you have chosen a ranking option that best meets your requirements. There is standard ranking option which has a total of 52 cards. These cards are ranked from the highest to the lowest.

Hand ranking for lower poker comes with many variations and the one with very low ranking ends up winning. You can play Texas holdem with any variation but it is good to be on the winning side at any cost. Alternatively, you can rank hands with wild cards where substitution plays out predominantly. Whenever playing poker online, it is good that you seek to rank hands and your winning chances will be doubled. That is a benefit among many others that very few online casinos will say to you and other players. This is the secret that most of the successful gamblers have been using and you have no reason to shy away from that.
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Thuesday, 24 June 2014
Playing at online poker without registration
Poker is among the most known casino games in the world. It is played from different manners according to the variant chosen. This card game attracts more and more people on internet. In fact, on a web page specialized in poker, also called poker sites, it’s possible to play with or without real money. So, it’s feasible to amuse oneself without any obligation to open an account. Perhaps that the registration is for some of us an obstacle preventing to spend good moments on a table of online poker. Thus, know that henceforth, it’s possible to play poker for fun without need of registration.

The advantage of the game without registration is that the player can right away choose his table and begin the game, while keeping anonymity. He won’t have to fill the registration form in which he will have to provide a certain number of personal data. Generally, the game without registration is free. Online free poker games offer to players the possibility to try the software of the game from which they have decided to play before registering. Nevertheless, let us remind that often, with games without registration, you aren’t entitled with poker bonus.
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Friday, 20 June 2014
What are the possible combinations in poker game?
In poker game, there are weak and strong combinations. Among the strongest combinations, we can quote the Quinte Flush, a combination of five cards of the same color and which follow each other, the square a combination of four cards of the same value and the full, a combination consisting by three cards of the same value and a pair of identical cards. A suite is constituted by five cards which follow each other and are not of the same color, can defeat a set formed by three identical cards, but cannot beat a color which is formed by five cards of the same color.

The double pair and the pair are other combinations but weaker. Although their value is low compared to other combinations, they may be also good combination to have during a party of poker. The Double pair is composed of two identical pairs of cards, for example 33 and KK, the pair consists of two identical cards. A high card means the highest card on the table. In free or paid poker tournaments, these combinations are all able to generate gains. The only goal when we play in poker is to win the pot regularly, whether by bluffing or displaying the best combinations.
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Thursday, 19 June 2014
Online poker promotion guide for players
There are a lot of poker promotions going around in the internet. The poker promotions are a good guide for anyone who is looking for the best online platform to lay his hands on. In many states especially in the United States there is a law passed on the methods you can undertake before making any promotions. for instance is one of the online sites that offer incredible offers.

Once you sign up at the website you are able to get $10 for play on cash games and tournaments. The money is credited once you sign up to the site. When you make your first deposit you’ll be rewarded with $10. Better yet, you’ll be treated to a seven $100 free rolls every seven days. Poker room such as Netbet poker also offers its own set of online poker bonus offers. There is a 100% deposit match which is worth up to $500.The most special out there is the 80% rackback and freeroll tournaments that have giveaways equating to $50,000 a week. Once you are well conversant with a number of poker promotions on different sites online, it will be much easier to take advantage of the online platform that offers value for your money.
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Thuesday, 10 June 2014